Letter from the new Executive Headteacher

04 Jul Letter from the new Executive Headteacher

A paper copy of this letter will also be sent out today (04.07.18)

Dear Parents & Carers

Thank you for the warm welcome I have received from so many of you. It is with great pleasure that I take on the role of Executive Headteacher at Stamford Hill School. I was very pleased to be able to support the school’s Leadership Team & Governing Body through it’s most recent Ofsted Inspection which resulted in a Good outcome. We do have areas to work on and to improve upon and I know that the Chair of Governors has written to you already in relation to the target areas that you can support us to improve, the main one being attendance. The school will agree a priority action plan that we will share with you via the school website so that we can work in collaboration to ensure the very best for the children and staff at Stamford Hill.

In the meantime and with very few weeks left until we end for the summer holidays I am very happy to meet with parents/carers on the days that I am in Stamford Hill, so if you would like to pop in to see me with a ‘hello’ or ‘ a what we are doing well’ or a ‘concern’ or anything that would be helpful for me to be aware of then please do. The school office has my dates up until the end of term.

After that there will be some changes for September 2018, with some staff moving on to share their teaching experiences with more children and new staff joining us on our exciting journey to providing an exceptional learning experience for our children. As soon as I have the compete teaching profile for September I will inform you, we are just finalising a couple of appointments this week.

As you may be aware, we have had to sadly discontinue our afterschool club in its current format from September 2018 as we do not have enough children attending to make it viable. In the interim I know that Chestnuts school offer a pick up service to their afterschool club, please see the school office here for more details. Our school business manager Ava Jacobs is working very hard on putting together a new afterschool club offer/business plan and hopefully if enough parents take up the offer we will be able to launch a new After School Provision in the autumn term. We will be writing to you very soon in regard to this.

Our incredibly successful Breakfast Club is also under review because offering a free breakfast and free child care provision to all children who come to our Breakfast Club is desirable but not viable in the current format. So again our School Business Manager is looking at a model that will enable us to keep the provision but with a small charge to cover costs. We all highly value being able to offer before and after school provision but the school is only allowed to if the costs of doing so are covered by charging parents and having enough children attending regularly to cover the costs of the provision.

Dates for your diary. As you are aware the Governing Body of the school set 5 INSET days for staff training. The dates for 2018/19 are as follows September 3rd, 4th & 5th. These dates are for statutory and best practice training for all staff in First Aid, Child Protection & Safeguarding. The 7th January 2019 will also be an INSET day. We will allocate and inform you of the date for the 5th INSET day as soon as we can,

Please note that all children in Key Stage 1 & 2 (Years 1-6) are required to be in school on Thursday 6th September for their first day of autumn term. Children in Early Years Foundation Stage will receive a separate letter from Sam Edwards, Assistant Headteacher for Early Years detailing theirĀ  start date.

Yours sincerely

Julie D’Abreu
Executive Headteacher
Stamford Hill School
Berkeley Road
London N15 6HD

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